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Inventory NumberManufacturerModelYearDescriptionPrice
Martin0-28circa 1896significant playing wear but no serious cracks, herringbone trim, original ivory friction pegs, multi-colored backstripe similar to Style 45, 2 areas of back binding replaced, needed repairs include: reset neck, new bridge, glue top seam, glue top crack and fingerboard extension, bush and fit tuning pegs, remove extra wood from bridge plate and repair, SC, AS IS$3,500.00
Martin0-281880sneeds neck reset, refret, bridge reglue and bridge plate, repair side cracks and missing sections of binding, general finish damage and overspray on top, headstock broken off at original peghead graft line, HC, AS IS$2,750.00
Hermann Hauserlute1913needs setup work and repair of hairline top cracks, OHC, AS IS$2,950.00
GibsonSJc1944refinished except for front of peghead, "Only a Gibson Is Good Enough" peghead banner and script Gibson logo, mahogany neck, back and sides, numerous top and back cracks repaired with long cleats, needs neckset, new bridge and bridgeplate, new nut, glue back brace, remove extra top brace, refinish top, AS IS (More Photos... )$4,000.00
Lyon & HealyStyle Ac. 1924spruce top, rosewood back and sides, 13" body width, floral decal ornamentation on top, fancy peghead inlay, needs neck reset, refret, humidify and glue center seam, plug tailpiece holes, no tuners, no case, AS IS$2,000.00
Washburn by Tonk Brothers5200c. 1930mahogany back and sides, needs neck reset, fret dress, new nut and saddle, glue all back braces, reglue binding, has repaired back and side cracks, 13-1/8" body width, SC, AS IS$500.00
VegaProfundoc. 1940needs refret and setup work, SC, AS IS$1,200.00
Ermelina Silvestri, Italyparlor1891beautiful butterfly inlays on top, elaborate pearl and wood edge trim and soundhole rosette, needs neck reset, glue several top cracks, reglue and stabilize several top inlay sections, bridge reglue, SC, AS IS$2,025.00
R.A. Mango, NY18 Stringc. 191216-1/8" body width, 27" scale, elaborate ornamentation, lion's head scroll on peghead, engraved tuners, custom made for Al Bluhm, a performer with Buffalo Bill's Wild West Show, OHC with mandolin case built onto the lid (mandolin not present), AS IS$7,500.00
May Bellflat topc. 1940needs neck reset, refret, top crack repair and brace upgrade (top collapsing), a fine decorator piece, no case, AS IS$125.00
StrombergDeluxelate 1930sneeds bridge, pickguard and bracket, fretwork and inlay repair (2 broken and one missing), setup work, OHC, AS IS$7,000.00
Vegaarchtop1940scould use neck reset and refret (due to slight kickup) for optimal playability, SC, AS IS$1,000.00
GretschAmerican Orchestra Model 65late 1930sneeds small top crack repair, deteriorating binding, tuners changed, OHC, AS IS$850.00
EpiphoneZephyr Emperor Regent1953has finish damage below treble side f-hole, possible electronics repair, rebind half of top and half of back (missing), new heel cap, missing bridge and tailpiece, OHC, AS IS$2,750.00
EpiphoneDeluxe Zephyr Regent1953cosmetically EXC but needs neck reset, binding repair, new pickguard, fret and setup work, AS IS$1,200.00
EpiphoneDeluxe Zephyr Regent1951cosmetically VG+, needs binding and electronics repair, missing "E" logo on pickguard, period HC, AS IS$2,750.00
EpiphoneZephyr Deluxe Cutaway1954needs binding repair and partial replacement, electronics repair, refret and setup work, OHC with zipper cover, AS IS$2,750.00
Gretsch7625 "Hockey Stick" needs refret for optimum playability (partially refretted), gig bag, AS IS$450.00
GretschDuo-Jet1956neck cracked at heel and poorly repaired (bad angle), pickups and bridge have been recessed into top to compensate for neck angle, electronics not functioning, original tuners, pickups, Melita bridge, tailpiece, pickguard, tone and volume knobs and rough condition tweed OHC, AS IS$2,250.00
Angers (made in Japan)12 String electric1966cosmetically EXC, needs setup work, no case, AS IS$350.00
Lyon by Washburn,Strat style black finish, no case, AS IS$85.00
SS StewartU Favoritec. 1900repair back of headstock (missing wood), no tuners, tailpiece or dowel stick hardware, non-banjo SC, AS IS$800.00
S. S. StewartThoroughbredlate 1890scarved heel, needs tailpiece, bridge and tuners, needs dowel repair (cracked), fret and setup work, no markings on dowel stick, no case, AS IS$1,250.00
Lyon & Healy,Mystic 5-string1890s10" head diameter, metal clad wood rim, needs tuners, head and setup work, no case, AS IS$575.00
F.H. Griffith, Philadelphia, PA, 5-string Banjo-lutelate 1880sBrazilian rosewood back and sides, needs fretwork and minor crack repairs, no case, AS IS$1,000.00
IucciStyle 3 Baby Grand tenorc1930elaborate engraved inlay, gold-plated hardware, missing tuners and tailpiece, resonator cracked with layers separating, needed repairs include: reglue loose headstock inlays, reglue wood inlays on resonator rim, repair peghead veneer separation, new heelcap, AS IS$1,650.00
Washburn730 17-fret tenor1915VG++, open back, 10 7/8" head diameter, 19 3/4" scale, tubular tone ring supported by spikes, walnut neck with dark center lamination, attractive neck inlay, fully playable but to be in ideal cosmetic condition would need fingerboard binding repair (remove and reglue), new nut and new wedges, no case, AS IS$450.00
VegaModel M Tu-ba-phone tenor192610 15/16" head diameter, added resonator and armrest, replacement bracket nuts, needs refret, new head, cleanup, period HC, AS IS$750.00
VegaNo. 3 Tu-ba-phone plectrum1929non-professionally refinished, needs setup work, original resonator and individual flanges, two-tab Grover tuners, original Presto tailpiece, OHC, AS IS$900.00
VegaM tenor1924has replacement tuners, some missing segments of fingerboard binding, 10-15/16" head diameter, tu-ba-phone tone ring, pie section resonator, period HC, AS IS$850.00
ParamountStyle D tenor1921cosmetically VG+, repaired neck crack (peghead not broken off, appears to be structurally strong), needs new head, bridge, fret and setup work, rough HC, AS IS$1,500.00
B & DMontana #1 Silver Bell tenor1928original knee mute removed, replacement planetary tuners, back of neck refinished, needs refret for optimal playability, SC, AS IS$1,200.00
C. F. Zimmermanfour-bar autoharp with chord change levers1890sspruce top, needs strings and some felt replacement, set up work, AS IS, no case$150.00
MartinStyle B mandolin1923cosmetically VG+, herringbone soundhole rosette and back stripe, original engraved tuners, missing tailpiece cover, needs brace reglue, fret and setup work, no case, AS IS$1,000.00
GibsonA1915reglue back to sides, needs refret, new nut, bridge/saddle and pickguard/bracket, fill holes on peghead face (rhinestones once installed), no tailpiece, no case, AS IS$750.00
GibsonA-50c. 1950cosmetically VG+, needs fretwork, minor binding repair (fingerboard), glue crack inside at neck block, OHC, AS IS$900.00
MartinStyle 4 bowlback mandolin1910EXF except needs neck reset, refret, 2 small top crack repairs, 30 ribs, beautifully engraved tuner backplate, abalone trim, fancy original inlaid pickguard, original end-opening leather case, AS IS$1,500.00
Martinbowlback mandolin1899similar to style 4 but with fancy peghead inlay and tree of life fingerboard inlay, with abalone top trim, 34 ribs, no case, repaired top cracks and partially refinished, neck poorly reset and refretted, AS IS$1,500.00
Weymannmandolin (referred to as "mandolute" in Weymann literature)c. 1920cosmetically EXF, original tuners, bridge and tailpiece, spruce top, maple back and sides, needs neck reset and fretwork, no case, AS IS$350.00
WashburnModel 115 VG+, no case, AS IS$350.00
National#1 Plectrumc.1929VG+, neck finish oversprayed, needs fret and setup work, modern hard shell guitar case, AS IS$1,500.00
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Abbreviations used in this inventory:
M = Mint NM = Near Mint EXF = Exceptionally Fine
EXC = Excellent VG = Very Good G = Good
PU = pickup OHC = Original Hard Case HC = Hard Case
OSC = Original Soft Case SC = Soft Case NC = No Case